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Introduction of an Organic Waste Collection

Posted at September 6, 2016 | By : | Categories : News and Events | 0 Comment

In order to assist in improving waste management across the Maltese Islands, Wasteserv is introducing the organic waste collection. This recycling project is also going to be implemented in Ghajnsielem. The objectives behind this project include reducing the size of the black bag by 50%, make better use of landfill availability, reduce bio waste landfilling, and avoiding Green House Gas emissions to then increase Renewable Energy generation from Bio Waste.

The organic waste pilot project is underway to test the collaboration with residents from a selection of localities. This new collection system is to be implemented in Ghajnsielem and other gozitan localitities as from the 30th September 2016. All residents will be able to leave any organic waste out for collection on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while the black bag will be collected every Monday and Saturday while the grey recycling bag will be collected every Tuesday.

Currently, in Ghajnsielem, an intensive door-to-door information campaign is being carried out and residents are given ventilated bins and compostable rubbish bags for free for the organic waste collection. Those who are not found at home are to collect their bins from the local Council’s office while presenting the note they receive.

When this new collection will start taking place, the Wasteserv would be monitoring Gozitan streets and the composition of waste entering the company’s facilities the moment organic waste collection got underway. Wasteserv is urging Gozitan residents to come forward with any suggestions they might have as to how to improve waste collection services.