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Services Offered

A one-stop show for all your communal needs!

To learn more about the following services please click on the title name.



Cultural Activities

The Ghajnsielem Local Council responsible for the social, cultural and educational aspect of the locality. Therefore, a number of cultural activities are organised throughout the year including outings, competitions, song festivals, sports events, talent show, exhibitions and other events held in collaborations with the local NGO’s

Elderly and Community Cares

Several events and services are organized specifically for the elderly people while encouraging them to participate and feel part of our community.

Green Initiatives

In line with promoting the environmental sustainability and the Eco-Gozo goverment programme, the Ghajnsielem Local Council takes several green initiatives to protect our locality for future generation. These include cleaning of valleys,  planting of trees and plants, a solid waste management policy and the protection, upgrading and embellishment of green spaces. Various events are also organized to raise awareness among citizens.  The council is committed to generate clean energy, mainly solar by installing photovoltaic public spaces with clean energy. Such example is the recently inaugurated Civic Center which runs mainly on clean energy.

Internet Access

You can access the Internet free of charge by visiting the Council premises (open to the public during office hours). Free Wi-Fi is now also available in the village square and for everyone’s comfort this service is accessible not only from the square but also from the nearby streets and clubs.

Public Library

The Council is also responsible for the upkeep of the public library which is situated at the Ghajnsielem Civic Centre. The library is open during the following hours:

Wednesday: 8am – 11 am & 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 11.30am

Wednesday 8am –
Saturday: 8.30am – 11.30am

Public Health Clinic (Berġa)

Beside a number of activities to promote the health and the well being of the citizens, the Council is responsible for the public health clinic situated at the Ghajnsielem Civic Centre.

Evening Classes and Short Courses

Throughout the year, the Ghajnsielem Local Council organizes a variety of courses in all levels. For further information kindly contact the receptionist at the council

‘Ġieħ Għajnsielem’ Award

The Council recognizes the individuals for their outstanding contribution, work and dedication towards the development of the Ghajnsielem community through this yearly award. Click here to view the list of the ‘Ġieħ Għajnsielem’ awards starting from 1995.

‘Jum Għajnsielem’ and the ‘Għajnsielem Week’

Every December, the Ghajnsielem Local Council celebrates the ‘Jum Ghajnsielem’ with several cultural activities spread over a week including sport events, crib and Christmas decoration competitions, visits to the sick and elderly, ‘clean up the world’ campaign, seminars, educational activities at the Ghajnsielem Primary School and much more.



Door-to-door Collection of Household Waste

ghajnsielem garbage colllection(click to enlarge)

The Council notifies the residents that garbage should not be left out earlier than half an hour before it is collected. No accumulation of garbage bags in the road is permitted.

Bulky Refuse

This service is provided free of charge to all residents by making a request at the Local Council offices, by telephone 21561515 or using the contact form on this website. Please note that collection is done every Tuesday morning.

Please do not throw bulky items in the skips or next to the bring in sites.

Street Cleaning

The Council provides the service for the cleaning of urban roads. Please do not leave accumulated dust/waste. If you spot a street that needs urgent sweeping please do not hesitate to contact us.

Road and Pavement Maintenance

The council invests heavily in traffic-signs maintenance, road markings and street lighting in order to enhance road safety. The Council maintains the up-keeping of the pavements.

Please note that artillery roads and private pathways do not fall under the responsibility of the Local Council.

Street Lighting

Street Lighting were devolved to the Local Councils. Therefore the maintenance of the street lamps is the Council’s responsibility. When a lamp is burnt, residents are urged to contact the Local Council and give the number of the lamp. Click here to download the ‘Ghajnsielem Street Lightning’ map.

When reporting a burnt-out lamp please note to include the 3 digit reference number placed on most lamps e.g. W013/60. You can report a fault by please do not hesitate to contact us.

Maintenance of Parks, Gardens and Public spaces

Parks, Gardens and other public spaces such as the public conveniences are maintained by the Council. The Local Council also has the responsibility of pruning the trees in those roads which fall under the responsibility of the same Local Council.

Please always help us keep our locality in a good condition. If you have any information/details about vandals/vandalism please report immediately to the Local Council or police.



Capital Projects

In collaboration with the Central Goverment and the European Union, the Council has embarked on several major projects. The most recent example is the Ghajnsielem Civic Center which was inaugurated by the Hon. Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi in March 2012.

New Roads and Pavements

Road resurfacing was always high on the agenda. Most of the streets which fall under the direct responsibility of the Ghajnsielem Local Council are now tarmacked.

Please note that artillery roads and private pathways do not fall under the responsibility of the Local Council.

Establishment Works

The council undertakes several embellishment and upgrading projects in historical sites and public spaces with the aim of making Ghajnsielem a better place to live in!

Trenching Works

All trenching works require a permit from the Local Council and other entities accordingly. (TP6) Permit for Plant Maintenance and Street/Road Surface Repair Works not exceeding the total surface area of 5sq.m. and maximum of 1.5m in depth. Applications can be obtained from the Council’s office.



Trading Licences

Payments for Trading Licences are being accepted at the Council’s Office. Please present exact amount as on invoice. An automated receipt is given for each payment.

Rents on Government property

Payment on presentation of invoice from the Lands Department can be made at the Council’s office. Please present exact amount as on invoice. An automated receipt is given for each payment.

Payment of Police and Local Warden’s Contraventions

Payments can be made at the Council’s Office during the office hours. No payments can be accepted less than 3 working days from date of tribunal sitting. An automated receipt is given for each payment.

Provision of Permits

Regulations of 2002 regarding Activities requiring a Local Council’s permit . These include:

  • Placing of skip in public property
  • Placing of kiddie ride machines in public property
  • Deposit of building material in public property
  • Deposit and use of crane and machinery
  • Placing of tables and chairs in public property for catering services
  • Placing of kiosk
  • Occasional Entertainment

A fee may be charged according to the Regulations. The Council may deem necessary to commission a Local Warden for the duration of works.



Application Forms

Various application forms are also available from the Local Council’s Office.

  • Provision of Birth Certificates.
  • Provision of Death Certificates.
  • Provision of Marriage Certificates
  • Renewal/Issue of Passport.
  • Declaration of commencement of new employment / termination of employment.
  • Application for refund of VAT paid on expenses connected with a wedding function
  • Application for refund of VAT on expenses connected with a funeral.
  • GO p.l.c. – Freephone / Telephone / Telefax / Telex forms.
  • GO p.l.c. – Change of billing address / application form for itemised bills.
  • Application forms for courses organised by the Department of Education.
  • Application forms for the participation in Skolasports.
  • Declaration to the Water Services Corporation for changes in the number of persons in the residence
  • Home help assistance for the elderly
  • Forms for the provision of Handyman service for the elderly
  • Application forms for the provision of Telecare service
  • Forms for the registration in the Electoral register
  • Change in address for Electoral register purposes
  • National Commission for Disabled Persons – application forms for : – Special ID card, Reserved Parking, social assistance service, disabled persons parking permit.

You can download these forms by visiting our section.