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Ġieħ Għajnsielem Award

Recognizing the outstanding Għajnslemiżi

1995 – Dun Karm Cassar

Dedicated his entire life to his native village, Dun Karm Cassar was heavily involved in many areas which shaped Ghajnsielem in the 20th century including the Ghajnsielem Parish, St Joseph Band, Ghajnsielem Football Club, the Catholic Action Youth Center, Krucjata Ewkaristika and Circolo Virgo Lauretana. 

1996 – Carmelo Rapa

Carmelo Rapa is a highly respected figure well known for his contribution in the educational sector, his involvement in the development of Ghajnsielem F.C. and his dedication as a bandsman with St Joseph Band. Carmelo is also remembered for his service in the army during the war and his teaching at St. Anthony’s College and at the Għajnsielem Primary School. 

1997 – Joseph Attard

Joseph Attard (Tal-Bużaqq) is synonymous with the St Joseph Band Club. He is in fact regarded as the second founding father of the Society after resurrecting the Band from the “dark period” of the 1950’s and 60’s. He was responsible of moving the St Joseph Band Club into its new premises in the main square. 



1998 – Mons. Espedito Tabone

The arrival of Father Espedito Tabone in Ghajnsielem in 1955 galvanized the latent energy of the villagers who donated their resources, financial and physical and moral so that they could see the completion of their life-long dream… the completion of the new parish church dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto. 

1999 – Joe Scicluna

Joe Scicluna was, by miles, the most intelligent and learned person in Ghajnsielem. Just how good he was, and how much he was appreciated, was evidenced by the scores of former pupils, covering a long range of generations, who would stop him in the street or approach him in a bar or restaurant solely to greet him and thank him for his tutelage. 

2000 – Josephine Xuereb

Giuseppa Xuereb is simply known in Ghajnsielem as the “Superjura” as she has been Superior of the Society of Christian Doctrine (MUSEUM) Female Section of the Ghajnsielem branch for 30 years. Giuseppa was also an active memeber of the Ghajnsielem Parish Council beside giving a helping hand to the young children by teaching them how to read and sing during the holy mass.  


2001 – Mons. Joseph Zerafa

Monsignor Ġużeppi Zerafa, the second Archpriest of the Ghajnsielem Parish and tenth parish-priest will be remembered to endowing  the new Parish Church from inside with several works of art. His determination, courage and enthusiasm injected the people of the village to give start to a successful fund-raising effort to keep furnishing this temple which was consecrated on the 13th of August 1989. 

2002 – Spiro Cauchi

A cheerful, vivacious and animated personality, Spiro Cauchi recognised how to distinguish himself throughout the years particularly in the music sector. Being both a musician and a singer, Spiro managed to get a good reputation during his career which eventually promoted his name and Ghajnsielem to a higher level. He is also actively involved with the St Joseph Band Club. 

2003 – Rudolph Cauchi

He is the founder of the ‘Ghaqda Armar’ group which is in charge of the external feast decorations. Nowadays it is hard to find a person, mostly a youngster who is interested in his surrounding social life but this certainly does not apply to Rudolph whose love and dedication towards his native village was an inspiration to several youths. 



2004 – Leli Saliba

Emmanuel Saliba, better known as ‘Leli l-Bufajra’ is associated for the completion of the bell tower (belfry) and other related construction works at the new Ghajnsielem Parish church amongst many other works all around Malta and Gozo including restorations and construction of monuments and artefacts fashioned in stone. He simply had the ingenuity and the skill of a prime Maltese craftsmen. 

2005 – Peter Caruana

Beside being elected in several administrations of the Ghajnsielem Local Council, Peter Caruana is by far the most successful coach in the Club history, with an impressive record of 410 points, 222 wins and 5 consecutive championships. The long serving veteran player retired at the end of the 67/68 season. Caruana took the opportunity to gradually introduce young promising players in the first team leading to the golden years of Ghajnsielem FC. 

2006 – Loreto Galea

Loreto Galea is known for his dedication and commitment to the St Joseph Band Club of which he has benn an active member since 1969. Beside his service as a bandsman, Loreto is also an Archivist and a member of the St Joseph Band Commission. He was also a member of the Ghajnsielem F.C. committee for 15 years beside taking a leading role in the annual street decorations before the Ghaqda Armar was formed.  


2007 – Lelio Spiteri

Lelio is heavily involved in the Ghajnsielem community especially where Parish activities are involved. He led the Lauretana Choir for the last 20 years and volunteered as a presenter for local village activities on countless occasions. Finally, he was instrumental to set up Radju Lauretana in August 2007.

2008 – Mikiel Ciangura

Mikiel was a member of the band that Mons Joseph De Piro formed in 1928 and which later turned into the St Joseph Band as we know it today. In fact, Mikiel joined the St Joseph Institute in 1926, just a few months after it opened in Gozo. It was here that he took his education under the direction of Mons De Piro who was also the first director. 

2009 – Loreto Xuereb

Loreto Xuereb, 87, was awarded the 15th edition of the ‘Premju Gieh Ghajnsielem’ for his life-long contribution and involvement in several areas related with the Ghajnsielem community including feast decorations, Ghajnsielem F.C., St Joseph Band and the parish church.  



2010 – Maria Zerafa

Her voluntary work spreading over a period of over thirty years started during Archpriest Mons Espedito Tabone’s tenure and continued under the guidelines of her brother, Archpriest Mons Joseph Zerafa. She is weell known by the locals  for her voluntary work in organizing activities in order to raise funds for several projects in the Archparish Church, the Old Parish Church and the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto. 

2011 – Joe Rapa

Joe Rapa is known in particular for his voluntary work in Ghajnsielem Football Club where he was secretary for 15 years and also the first editor of the ‘Blacks & White’ and ‘Għajnsielem’ magazine. He is the longest serving secretary of the club, a term stretching 15 seasons from 1971 till 1986. Joe was also a player with the same team, playing from 1965 with the minors to 1973 with the first team.  

2012 – Loreto Scicluna

Loreto Scicluna was awarded the 18th edition of the ‘Premju Ġieħ Għajnsielem’ for his contribution towards our community, in particular his voluntary work in Ghajnsielem Football Club as a player, team captain, assisting the administration and as an archivist including the publication of a number of history and statistical books. 


2013 – Paul Zerafa


Paul Zerafa was awarded the 19th edition of the award for his contribution on the construction of the new Parish Church mostly under the direction of Archpriest Dun Espedito Tabone and later with Archpriest Dun Guzepp Zerafa. He will be mostly remembered mostly for the works on the belfry.

2014 – Paul Azzoaprdi


Paul Azzopardi was awarded the 20th edition of the award for  for his voluntary work in the Ghajnsielem community especially his work with the St Joseph Band of which he has been a volunteer and club director for a number of years. He was also a handyman for the Ghajnsielem Local Council where he went out of his way to ensure that everything in the village is proceding smoothly.


2015 – Francis Cauchi


Francis Cauchi, was Mayor of the Local Council for 21 years during which a long list of projects was  undertaken, all of which were the result of the dedication and hard work that he gave towards the local community. The Gieħ Għajnsielem award was a recognition for his contribution towards the development of the village of Ghajnsielem.



2016 – Joanne Debrincat


JoAnne was one of the founders of the Youth Movement of Ghajnsielem which was founded in 1986 and a year later put forward an idea to start staging a Passion play during Holy week. Through the Għaqda Drammatika Għajnsielem, Joanne assisted with live actor in the the first live crib (2000) and Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem. JoAnne is also a member of the Radio Lauretana crew and an animator at the parish church.

2017 – Alessandro Battilochio


Alessandro Battilicchio, former Mayor of Tolfa is the founder of the twinning agreement between the our locality and that of Tolfa, province of Rome, Italy. He played a very important role by promoting the locality of Għajnsielem in Europe by means of various exchanges being cultural, sports and educational through which hundreds of Għajnsielem locals, had the opportunity to benefit from.


2018 – Joseph Ciantar


Justin Ciantar was awarded for his exemplary youth devoted to his native village especially in the voluntary sector. From a young age he has been active member of the MUSEUM society and in many other local NGOs Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem, Radju Lauretana and Ghaqda Drammatika Ghajnsielem. He is always assisting during the Holy week and Christmas events.



2019 – Anthony Grech


Mr. Anthony Grech has been recognized for his voluntary work and dedication within the Ghajnsielem community especially the Parish. He always worked in silence assisting those in need especially the sick and elderly.

2020 – Loreto Xuereb


Loreto Xuereb, a member of the Museum Doctrine Society, has been chosen for his lifelong work and dedication to spread the word of God especially with the young children. He worked in silence and led an exemplary life among us.


2021 – Justin Luke Buttigieg


Justin Luke is an exemplary youth who devotes most of his time for his native village in a period where the voluntary sector facing many challenges. From a young age he has been active member at Għaqda Armar working devoutly for the titular feast. He is also active in many other local NGOs including Għajnsielem FC, Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem and assisting during the Holy week and Christmas events.



2022 – Alex Spiteri


Alex Spiteri is synonymous with the Għajnsielem Football Club as a player, coach, president and secretary. He is the founder of the Għajnsielem Football Academy having worked hard to see our youths bringing success to the club and Għajnsielem. From a young age he has also been an active volunteer in several NGOs including the St Joseph Band, Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem, the building of the Parish centre, the Feast and assisting during the Holy week and Christmas events.