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Current Administration

The current members of the Ghajnsielem Local Council together with their responsibilities.



The present administration makes up the seventh Ghajnsielem Local Council. The election was held on Saturday 11th April 2015. Each member has a number of responsibilities. 


Mayor: Mr Franco Ciangura Capital Projects,  E.U. Projects, Twinning, NGOs, Cultural Events
Deputy Mayor: Mr Kevin Cauchi Environment & Countryside, Cultural & Historical Heritage, Public Relations, E.U. Projects Assistance
Councillors: Mr Larry Buttigieg Public beaches, Health, Transport, Youths and Sports
MS Kareen Xuereb Women Empowerment, Family, Education & Tourism
Mr Peter Caruana Public Gardens, Soft Areas, Elderly and Community Care
Executive Secretary: Ms Lucienne Haber Administrative, Executive and Financial responsibility of the Local Council