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Online Applications

Various application forms for download

Click here to open the Malta Goverment Website with a
list of all Government Department forms


Meanwhile you can download some of the most
commonly used forms from the links below:


Passport Forms

Passport Application Form A – Download

Passports Application Form eID Addendum – Download

Image Capture Application Form – Download


Malta Tourism Authority

To apply for a licence – Link


Entitlement Unit Forms

Healthcare Entitlement and Advice for Travellers- Link


ETC Permit Forms

Work Permit Documents – Link



Birth Certificate – Download

Wedding Certificate – Download

Death Certificate – Download



Telephone Services – Link


Ministry of Finance

Inland Revenue Department (FSS Form) – Link

Funeral and Wedding Grants – Link


Trading Licences

Trade Services Directorate Trading Licences – Link


Children Benefits

Adoption Enquiry Form – Download

Allowance tat-Tfal – Download

Child in Care Benefit – Download

Disabled Child Allowance – Download


Kura Ghall-Anzjani

Day Centres for Elderly Persons – Link


Enemalta and Water Services Corporation Forms:

Application for a temporary supply

Connect a Temporary Water Supply. (Form T)
Connect a Temporary Electricity Supply. (Form Te)
Apply for a temporary supply of electricity for construction work (Form Tcs)

Application for new service

Connect a new water supply. (Form A) 
Connect a new Electricity supply. (Form Ae)

 Application for removal of service

Terminate your water supply. (Form C)
Terminate your electricity supply. (Form Ce)

 Application for replacement or shifting of service

Shift your water service. (Form S) 
Shift your electricity service. (Form Be)

 Application for test/replacing of meter

Replace your water meter. (Form B)
Test your water service. (Form B)
Replace your electricity meter. (Form He)
Test your electricity service. (Form He)

 Electricity Connections

Connect a Photovoltaic to the grid. (Form PV)
Connect a Micro Wind Turbine to the grid. (Form We)
Connect a Combined Heat & Power Plant to the grid. (Form CHP)
Connect new street lighting. (Form STL)

 Solar Water Heater

Apply for a solar water heater rebate. (Form Ue)