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Several green initiatives discussed at public consultation meeting

Posted at December 3, 2014 | By : | Categories : News and Events | 0 Comment

Ghajnsielem squareLast week, the Ghajnsielem Local Council organized a Public Consultation Meeting  about the ‘Green InfraNet’ project.

The meeting which was held at the Ghajnsielem Band Club included several green initiatives and ideas which were discussed and later debated by the general public. A 3D presentation of the project was given by professional architects as well as the set up plans, designs, and photographs on the exhibition boards. Several artist impressions were shown on how to enhance the area around the main square including Triq Chambray, Triq il-Moghdija, Simirat Street, Independence Square and the Old Apparition square. The main square was not included in this project.

The main aim of the discussion was on ideas on how to reduce the traffic from the Ghajnsielem village center and increase public space and integrating green infrastructures such as trees, benches etc. The heavy traffic flow and car-speed passing from Imgarr Road was also analysed.

What is the GreenInfraNet Project?

The GreenInfraNet project is a response to the challenge of biodiversity conservation in Europe and to the loss of valuable ecosystems and their services. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the development and implementation of green infrastructure in EU regions in order to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services in close cooperation with other policy measures related to, for example, agriculture, urban development, transport, recreation and climate change adaptation.

The partners will achieve the project objectives by exchanging expertise, experience and best practices. They will explore the green infrastructure concept through a general examination of analytical methodologies, policy development and implementation and will focus on green infrastructure development and implementation in four specific fields: urbanised areas; natural areas; rural land use; and climate change adaptation. The sustainability of the results will be ensured through the transfer of good practices, the creation of action plans and the establishment of the permanent European Green Infrastructure Knowledge Network.